The Inappropriate Creme Egg Holder


Like creme eggs? How do you eat yours? Our freestanding egg holder will make the perfect gift for adult colleagues, friends or family! (best not to give them to kids) .

Making chocolate fun again for adults!

We love working with other small Australian businesses and these gems are made for us by a lovely inappropriate chap called Ethan in his garage in Rockhampton.  

Give the gift of chocolate and inappropriate laughter! (BTW they do not come with the creme eggs, you will need to buy those yourself!) 

Please note:

* Designed to hold 2 Cadbury Creme Eggs

* Eggs balance in the cut out shape

* Chocolate eggs not included

* Only one side has plywood finish.

Each item is 0.15 kgs and is 200mm x 100mm x 20mm in size.

They are constructed from 3 layers of wood. 2 x MDF layers and 1 x Ply layer. Only one side has plywood finish.