Calm the Fuck Down Candle

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The candle that helps you calm the fuck down.   An essential aide to a day full of fuckwits.  

Light this bad girl and the troubles of the day will fade away, along with the fucks you didn't want to give. 

With the yummy delicious amazeball scent of Caramel & Vanilla - good enough to eat (but don't!) 

 Looks incredible once lit!

  • Triple scented 
  • Soy wax, hand-poured in the Yarra Valley
  • Up to 60 hours burning time
  • Matte Black jar 
  • Unique Wood Wick, gives that "crackly" sound
  • Size - 8cm diameter. Height - 10cm
  • Comes with a Rose Gold lid and gift box
  • The perfect rude candle gift