My Last Fuck Candle

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Seriously - I have no more fucks left to give! Unwind and de-stress with this deliciously triple scented vanilla caramel candle will help all your fucks disappear.

  • Wood wick for that crackling ambience.
  • Triple scented caramel vanilla, good enough to eat but DON'T! (external use only... I hate that i have to write that 
  • 60 hours burn time.
  • Soy wax candle. Vegan and cruelty free.
  • 300gm Candle.
  • Gloss black with reusable black lid
  • Gift Boxed.
  • Hand poured in Melbourne.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE CANDLES are dangerous, do not leave unattended. 

This candle goes perfectly with it's sister candle... UNFUCK YOUR CHAKRAS  or our other popular design with a white jar and freedom fragrance. 

    Light this bad girl and watch all your fucks disappear.

    (please note this is not a magic candle... it can't make all your worries disappear - if it could we would be charging a lot more!). We have to put this disclaimer on, as Karen will probably contact us to say she used the candle and is still full of fucks about everything so wants her money back.