Drunk Cunt Red Wine Label

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Inappropriate wine labels are finally here! you asked for them... so here they are!

"Drunk Cunt Red" inappropriate wine label.

Exclusively designed for us by the very talented Brett at Cellarwraps. Finally you can give that person who is hard to buy for something that will actually make them laugh and a pressie you know they will enjoy!

Wine is the perfect gift to give as it suits any occasion. You can set yourself a budget, and it’s normally the go to gift for people that are hard to buy for… But just handing over a bottle of wine on its own can also seem impersonal. ​

Up until now the only options we have had to gift wine is to hide it in one of those outdated obvious wine gift bag’s or try and gift wrap the bottle, and let’s face it this was always an impossible task even for the most trained gift wrapper, trying to add a card proved another problem being that they are so big and awkward to attach.