Everyday Assholes

This is a very innappropiate book of sketches..  they are funny but they are inappropriate. 

So inappropriate that Amazon won't stock it.  Dean Blake is one sick puppy.   

If you know anyone who would appreciate original inappropriate art, this is a perfect gift.  

For the first time in print! Inspired by our favourite everyday a**holes, this first collection of over 180 irreverent sketches by Dean Blake contain some of his earliest (and most popular) online works.

Spanning over two years of the author's career, Everyday A***holes introduces us to a cast of characters we're only too familiar with in our everyday lives.

Meet Helen, who literally has an asshole for a boyfriend. And Mr Nigel, who was unfortunately cursed with a generic pedo face. And let's not forget Carla, who annoyingly forgot to spit in her husband's coffee again.

Laugh, cry, grit your teeth, run away-whatever you choose to do, know that this book was destined to be in your hands. Or, at the very least, a present for that friend of yours who needs to chill out and secretly chuckle once in a while.

WARNING: This book is not for the easily offended.


"The greatest book ever created." - Dean Blake

"Vote Dean for president!" - Dean Blake

"When will you pay me back?" - Dean's dad