Fur Baby Milestone Cards

If you love photographing your Fur Baby then you will love these Milestone cards! Enjoy sharing photos of your furry one with these hilarious cards. Perfect as a gift for yourself or those with instapets!

The Fur Babies Milestone pack features 19 hilarious pet photo props including:

-My parents accidentally left me inside all day

-Check out what I brought home

-I rolled in…

-Those rules didn’t last long

-I love licking things (mainly myself, but also things)

-I got fixed (but I feel broken)

-Check out my collection

-I thought this was a good spot to go to the toilet

-I kept my humans awake ALL. NIGHT. LONG

-Today my humans are hungover for the first time since getting me

-Bath time fail

-You think this looks bad? You should see the vet bill…

-They blamed the fart on me

-Check out my sleep style

-Today I ate (Shoes/Poo/My human’s favourite…)

-I was bored

-Today I ran away

-Please stop taking my picture human

-Today I just won’t shut up

Each A6 sized pet milestone card is designed to be used as a photo prop. The matt finish 400gsm thick cardstock is lick-proof and wipes clean. The card set even comes in a cute box for storage and to create the perfect gift.

Be part of the InstaPet movement with these cards today!