My Clitter Glitter Lube

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Have you ever wanted to be a Unicorn and just sparkle all day long…  

Glitter from the inside out! 

A tube of three mixed colour glitter lube capsules. 

MY CLITTER is 100% Australian Owned & Made

Sparkle all night long…   it’s all about, how much glitter can you get all over your body!!!  It’s a little bit visual, a little bit fun…  and a bit naughty!

How Does it Work?

A fun novelty item and something to make you….  ummm…   Sparkle 

My Clitter is a capsule that is inserted into the vagina up to 2 hour hours prior to fun play time and intercourse. During this process the capsule works by dissolving and with the natural juices and moisture from within the vagina it emulsifies and creates a glitter lube. 

A water-based lube, the wetter you get, the more it expands and keeps expanding.  Just keep adding water and watch how much glitter you can get everywhere. My Clitter can be used as often as you like and will continue to sparkle for up to 3 days 

How to Use Tips
  1. For best experience, insert capsule up to 1-2 hours prior to play time, or
  2. Insert after a hot shower or
  3. To speed up the process wet the capsule before insertion.
  4. Increase play time lubrication by simply adding water.
Is it Safe?

My Clitter is made from Australian standard food grade products.  Use as recommended, refer below. Safe product

The products used to create My Clitter are the same as used to make lip glosses.  They are safe to be on and in the mouth area and should not cause irritation.

The vagina vulva is self cleaning and will be cleaned out naturally by your body.  Other parts of the body that this might be inserted into are not self cleaning and could cause some irritation.  My Clitter is designed for the Vagina but as curious people, if experimenting we guarantee lots of fun and giggles.

Please note some people may have different reactions to lubricants or inserted novelty items.  If you have prior infections or problems in the vaginal area do not use this novelty product.

We do not recommend:

  • Swallowing My Clitter
  • Inserting into non self cleaning body cavities
  • Using after 6 months of purchase
  • If have or have had prior, infections or problems.
How long do the capsules last?

Recommended shelf life: 12 months from date of purchase. Capsule should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

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