Surrounded By Cunts - Silver Bracelet

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A stylish accessory for the woman who’s not a people person. The woman who’d much prefer to hang out with her cat and dog and stay the fuck away from all the cunts of humanity.


68 mm Silver Bracelet. 

ROAR Bangles are for all our independent thinking, big dreaming, fearless and focused ladies. The ladies who bring their own fucking sunshine and are stylish AF at the same time! We’re here to remind you of your power and strong attitude every single day

How do I care for my bangle?

Our bangles are delicate, so here are some things to remember when caring for them to ensure they last a long time:

  • Don’t spray perfume on your wrist when you’re wearing your bangle
  • If you’re wearing lotion or moisturizer, make sure it’s been fully absorbed into your skin before you put your bracelet on
  • Take it off in the bath or shower
  • Don’t go swimming with your bracelet on.