Shower & Bath Phone Holder

Stream while you clean!   Sit back and relax in the bath or shower and watch your favourite Amazon, NETFLIX, BINGE, STAN shows or REDTube (who's judging?)
Netflix and chill.  Turn your shower wall into an instant TV.  Whether you've taken your phone into the bathroom for business or pleasure, it pays to keep it sound and safe.

For anyone who likes to take long shits while watching your phone.. this gift is great for you too! 

For people who want more product information (Karen we're talking to you) see below: 

  •  Silicone Cell Phone Holder for iphones ipads, phones and tablets. Designed for use in shower, bath or bathroom mirror. Features custom ridges for strength and allows water to drain and dry.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN:Small and lightweight our cell phone holder features  innovative silicone grip technology designed to cling to shiny surfaces without suction cups or adhesives. Made from 100% silicone, they are waterproof, reusable and easy to clean. Simply stick, place on shiny surface and pop your phone ipad tablet into the cradle.
  • GREAT FOR THE HOME: Modern minimalist design and made from silicone making them suitable for decorating your Shower, Bathroom Mirror, Kitchen, Fridge, Bedroom and Office.
  • GREAT FOR THE OFFICE: Have you always struggled with places to put your phone while you do a video skype conference or watch news updates or your favourite sport highlights. This works great on your dry erase or white board or at your office cubical.
  • SIZE: Dimensions: 6.8 L x 1.4 W x 2.8 H inches - Holds up to 2.5kg! Packaged in an attractive bright fucking yellow cardboard open box