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Marita, VIC

It arrived today and I'm so bloody happy!!! Thank you so much Inappropriate Gift Co for replacing this mug so quickly, after the first one arrived broken. 

When I notified you that it had arrived with a big crack in it, you responded really quickly on both Instagram and email, and you were super friendly, lovely AND so apologetic, even though it probably broke in transit which is not your fault. You offered a replacement or refund without hesitation, and worked with me to ensure I got the most satisfactory outcome. 

I'm so impressed with how your company handled this situation...I thought it would be a hassle to get sorted. Further, your social media and advertising are really good, in fact much better than most companies. And best of all, your products ROCK! Sure, there are some things that aren't what I'd buy, but I think everything is bloody hilarious and so politically incorrect, which is fabulous and such a relief when everyone is so uptight these days (take note Gary!).

Well done Inappropriate Gift Co 👏👏👏👏👏🥳

Best wishes, 


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Nicolette - NSW

Foul language brings me joy, creates dopamine and is the answer to most of our mental health issues. Keep Australia happy The Inappropriate Gift Co
Tirzah - NSW

Recently purchased the Recycle Reuse Tshirt for my Grandson to give his Mother for Mother's Day...she loved it as she has a wicked sense of humour. The Tshirt was excellent quality. I have purchased other items over the years and all have been of excellent quality. Postage was quick and customer service was great. Will definitely be purchasing again in the future.
Adam - USA

Hilarious content - great for gifts! Everything arrived in perfect condition and speedily, half-way round the world.