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Paracuntamol prank pill box

Paracuntamol - Take one every time you feel like being a bit of a cunt.
Prank pill box designed to look like the box most painkillers come in.
The box will come flat and take about 5 seconds to fold, no glueing required.

The box does not come with any drugs in it... if it did we would need a pharamaceutical licence! You can put whatever you like in there.. jelly beans, smarties, S8's.

The folded box measures 11cm x 6.5cm x 2cm which is a common size for tablets.
Life is short have fun! Always keep a box lying around in your work desk drawer for a laugh..

Please note for all your Karens out there - These are just boxes, they do not contain any magical pills that work to repel cunts.... if they did, we would be millionaires living on a tropical island somewhere flying around in a our helicopter. 
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Always keep a box lying around in your work desk drawer for a laugh


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