I wish I didnt know! The filthy trivia game


You'll have fun playing this with your inappropriate mates. I didn't realise how naive I was until I played this game it will have you and your friends in stiches (as long as they have an inappropriate sense of humour) - probably best not to play it with the church group! 

 You Said What?! This is the filthy trivia game that you and your friends will never forget. 

  • Adults Only: This game contains mature content and is designed for ages 17+. It is not intended for children. Trust us on this one. Encouraged to be played with 3+ players.
  • How To Play: Players rotate drawing a trivia card while the rest of the group competes to guess which answer is correct. Once everyone has guessed, the judge reveals the correct answer and awards one point to those who chose correctly.
  • What's Inside: Includes 500 trivia cards plus instructions.
  • Brought to you by the same makers as What Do You Meme?

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