Sarcastic Portion Control Plate


Need help losing weight? Let this sarcastic plate assist....    Ideal for correct portion sizes.

Control your portion size you fattie with this inappropriate portion control plate.

Perfect gift for those on a diet - only if they have a sense of humour though... or use is at a daily reminder to limit your portion size, remember to eat slowly and wait at least 30 mins after eating before reaching for that doughnut..  it takes a while for our tummy to tell our brain we are full! 

According to the BMI index - I am in the obese category even though  I use this plate every day... I'm still obese lol! We cannot guarantee you will lose weight using this plate!  We can guarantee you will lose weight if you go into a "CALORIE FUCKING DEFICIT"  but where is the fun in that?  #tacos #chocolate #pizza #wine 

 23 CM Diameter Melanine plate.  DISHWASHER SAFE.   It's not Microwave safe though!! 

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