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Hilarious Ideas for Stocking Stuffers from The Inappropriate Gift Co

2 min read

Hilarious Ideas for Stocking Stuffers from The Inappropriate Gift Co

Stocking stuffers can feel like such a waste of money, but does anything say Christmas more than a few gifts popping out the top of stockings mounted along a mantel or hanging by the Christmas tree? 

The Inappropriate Gift Co has curated a list of the ultimate stocking stuffers that will stuff in a few laughs on Christmas morning! 

1. Sarcastic Socks: Socks with funny, sarcastic messages like "If you can read this, bring me wine."

2. Cheeky Coasters: Coasters with amusing phrases like "This better be a glass of wine" or "I'm on a whiskey diet. I've lost three days already."

The Inappropriate Gift Co - Sweary Coasters

3. Mini Desk Plaque: A small desk plaque that says "Professional Procrastinator" or "I'm not arguing, I'm just explaining why I'm right."
The Inappropriate Gift Co - Magnetic Mood Desk Sign

4. Desktop Punching Bag: A tiny punching bag they can attach to their desk for those moments when they need to let off some steam.
The Inappropriate Gift Co - Sweary Desk Punching Bag
5. Inappropriate Mug: A mug with a playful rude message, like "I'm not feeling very talky today. Off you fuck" or "Don’t make me use my teacher voice!"

6. Funny Dog Tag: A tag for your dogs collar that says something like "I'm an arsehole and ran away" or "Call My Mum Before She Loses her Shit"

7. Funky Fridge Magnets: Magnets with cheeky sayings like "I just got some juice out of the fridge, and I swear I heard the wine say WTF?"

The Inappropriate Gift Co - Fridge Magnet

8. Funny Christmas Wine Glass: The Perfect glass to drink wine from that says something funny like, "He Sees you When you're Drinking, He Knows When You're Shit-faced."

9. A fun game: Always a welcomed addition to any Christmas gift, something that can be enjoyed as a family on Christmas day, and these games will bring plenty of laughs! Try "Battle of the poops - sink the Floater", the "Ballz Up" Party Game, or 
Name that bum hole", a hilarious card game. 

10. Spa Products: Something to make the gift recipient feel pampered! But to stay on the theme of laughter, we have some fun recommendations. Try The Inappropriate Gift Co range of hilarious soaps, Back Sack and Crack soap bar, Wash Your Nuts soap or the Jesus Soap. 

Remember, what Christmas is all about, making great memories, eating until you can't stand up, that goes for drinking as well, and making the most of time with the people we love the most! Happy gifting & Merry Fucking Christmas!

Shop The Inappropriate Gift Co's curated store of carefully selected gifts for fun people! 

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