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WTF Wednesday #59

2 min read

WTF Wednesday #59

We recently asked who your hall pass would be.. Thanks for all the responses. The most popular was Chris Hemsworth, so we shall be doing a mug with his beautiful bod on it. Other suggestions were: 

Dukagjin Lupa
Sam Heughan
Gary Lightbody
Tom Hardy
Ryan Gosling 
Jamie Dornan 
Kane Brown
Harvey from Suits
Ryan Reynolds
Jason Strathome
Josh Lucas
Daniel Craig
George Clooney
Simon Baker

Joke Du Jour

Apparently you can't use "beefstew" as a password.

It's not stroganoff 


Me: "I'm scared of The Backstreet Boys".

Therapist: "tell me why"



I bought a p#orn dvd today and all I could see was a dark image of a fat guy holding his dong. 

Then I realised the TV wasn't on. 


Woman listens in on her 4 year old playing with his train set. 

 “All those getting off, go on f#ck off, and all those getting on f#cking hurry up”

The woman smacks his bum and sends him upstairs till he’s learned his lesson.

2 hours later the boy comes back down, says sorry to his mum and carries on playing, Mum listens in:

”all those departing thank you for travelling with us and have a good day! All those boarding, mind the gap and have a safe journey!...And all those who are upset by the 2 hour delay, blame the fat c#nt in the kitchen!

 What's new pussycat

We love working with our friends at Love Layla,  Check out our new wrapping paper... 

What will make you smile

This wins the internet for me today.

Did you know September is the busiest month for Birthdays?  They are all babies of the couples that had sex at Christmas/New year. 

Check out our gift ideas for those September birthdays on our website!


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