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Last week's blog featuring the best Trump Memes, elicited a lot of comments requesting us to give the orange man a break and pick on some of the other political muppets.   Your wish is our command.   We have done the hard but very enjoyable work of trawling the internet for NON TRUMP Political Memes ( they are bloody hard to find!).   We hope you enjoy our selection. 

Let's start with our Australian Prime Minister...   

(Please note we do not support any particular political party - we think they are all muppets lol #makingpoliticsfunagain)




You may remember his ill timed holiday to Hawaii when Australia was in the midst of bush fire chaos. 

inappropriate meme


At least the UK have a Prime Minister to be proud of? 

inappropriate meme 2 gift


inappropriate meme boris gift

At least Queenie loves him. 

inappropriate meme boris johnson inappropriate gift



What do Boris, Scomo and Trump have in common?

Ok lets not forget about the Clintons,

inappropriate meme clinton


inappropriate meme clinton


inappropriate gift inappropriate meme



Last but not least let's not forget Biden. 

inappropriate gift meme biden

joe biden inappropriate memes

joe biden memes inappropriate gift

joe biden obama meme inappropriate gift

I think at this stage we all wished we lived in New Zealand! 

inappropriate gifts and memes arden

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