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Best Gifts Ideas for A Sagittarius

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Best Gifts Ideas for A Sagittarius

Happy Sag season! As the countdown begins to Christmas, we enter Sag season, a special time of year when we celebrate the Sagittarius in our lives.  

Apparently, these are a lucky bunch, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, their plans usually turn to profit as their bank balance grows, however for some Sagittarius the expansion is more around the waistline as plans are often centered around travel, like a foodie road trip in the country, either way, they are good people to have in your life. 
We love Sagittarius's, they have produced some quality mug slogans as they speak their mind, so much so that they often find themselves projectile word vomiting into the universe. This could explain the love of travel though, as they try to get away from all the people they have offended. 
We are pretty sure, being the only sign in the zodiac holding a weapon, you will want to get them a legendary gift this birthday. Here are our top picks! 

  1. TheRay of fucking sunshine Mug is a perfect choice, more likely to be something a Sagittarius would buy for themselves after everyone tells them they are acting like a Cunt. 
  1. With a love of travel and adventure you cannot go past theSmuggle your booze flasks, these wonderful little lotion bottles are the perfect place to hide your booze in plain sight! 
  1. Still on the travel theme, why not invest in a reusable travel mug, theAlcohol & Coffee - The Glue Holding This Shit Show Together travel mug could not be a better fit for our road tripping Sagittarius friends.  
  1. With a birthday so close to the end of the year, why not opt for a practical gift like a calendar for the new year? TheShitty Calendar 2023 - The Animal Edition not only features some beautiful animals, but some picturesque scenery that any travel loving Sagittarius would gush over!  
  1. How to fucking swear around the world game will come in handy for the Sagittarius when they are indulging in their love of travel or showing off all the languages they can speak snippets of.  
  1. And don’t forget the birthday card and the gift wrapping,BEST friends are hard to find card &This is a Massive Dildo Wrapping Paper! 


To all the Sagittarius people out there, we think you are legendary, known to speak your mind and say what everyone else is thinking, you are the people that The Inappropriate Gift Co was built for! It really is a festive season for the Saggy! Now go have some drinks and word vomit your way through the festive season! 

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Diane Elders
Diane Elders

January 09, 2023

Dear Inappropriate Gift Co :) this Christmas 2022, was by far the funniest one yet due mainly to the fact that my friends & family thought their gifts were so funny as I had purchased them from you :) Thank you so very much for ALWAYS bringing a smile & laughter to my face, life is way too short to be taken so seriously and laughter is always the best medicine. Keep up the great work and thanks to your group and I’ve spread the word and now lots of my friends know about you as I do…..Di

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