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Best Gift Ideas for Capricorn

2 min read

Best Gift Ideas for Capricorn

It is hard to write an objective blog about Capricorns, because at The Inappropriate Gift Co we truly do think Capricorns are the most wonderful of star signs, smart, funny, kind, extremely good looking... and Lori and Monique’s star sign.  

We will do our best to be objective though! 
The symbol for the Capricorn is a goat, a mountain climbing goat at that! Although you will rarely find either Lori or Monique out hiking a mountain, like most Capricorns, we do like to get shit done! Mostly so we can sit back, relax, and enjoy some wine and a good Netflix binge!  

If you are in a relationship with a Capricorn, we will send help as soon as possible, but perhaps some retail therapy at The Inappropriate Gift Co might help in the meantime. We know these types do like to take the lead, AKA boss the shit out of everyone and control of every little detail, and this can be challenging, but why not sit back, take a break, and let your Capricorn do it their way, also known as the right way. 

But don’t let the pushy personality fool you, Cap’s are big believers that every detail of their life must be built on a solid foundation, including their relationships and they know that friends and family are everything. They also make great partners in crime as they are good at the finer details of the plan and always remember to hide the evidence! 

Here is our insider's guide to the perfect gift ideas for a Capricorn! 

  1. Shit loads of money so they can buy whatever they want!! Or a Gift Card from The Inappropriate Gift Co, let them have control!  
  1. Fucker in Charge Posh Pen is a solid choice, true and also useful when the Capricorn is writing out their 10-year relationship plan with the person they just swiped right on. 
  1. A perfect gift idea is theA big cup of I'm the fucking boss mug, this would be great for the office or home, but because Capricorns are the bosses of the Universe this mug can be used just about anywhere really. 
  1. Embrace the Capricorns competitive side and explore the hilarious selection of InappropriateGames from the Inappropriate Gift Co. Because we are quite sure Capricorns also have a profound sense of humor. Just be prepared to lose!  
  1. FUCKING LEGEND Stubby Holder is a simple gift but sums up a Capricorn perfectly! We are sure this gift would be appreciated; you could even stuff it with a watch for an extra special gift! 

To all our fellow Capricorns, we think you are absolute legends and your get it done right and everyone else F Off, personality has inspired many of our products. But mostly we know you deserve to take a night off to celebrate being you, because, fellow Capricorns, it isn’t easy running the world! 

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