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Creative and Inappropriate Tax Time Ideas to Avoid

2 min read

Creative and Inappropriate Tax Time Ideas to Avoid

Ah, tax time. The season of number crunching, form-filling, and inevitable hair-pulling. If you’re looking for some comic relief amid the chaos, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some hilariously inappropriate tax tips that you should definitely avoid if you want to stay out of trouble. Remember, laughter is the best medicine—except when it comes to tax fraud.

  1. Claiming Your Pet as a Dependent
    Before you claim that funny pineapple dog bed or cute cat activity center, be sure to run the idea past your accountant, they'll be best to guide you on what constitutes a working dog. If your dog's anything like Jade from #Inappropriatedog who does fuck all and brings zero dog biscuits to the party, you probably can't claim.

    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Cute but psycho dog bandana 
  2. Writing Off Your Netflix Subscription as a Business Expense
    We'll be checking this one with the bean counter, binge-watching Baby Reindeer has provided a great deal of inspiration on content and product creation, right? 

  3. Calling Your Home Renovations an “Office Upgrade”
    With so many of us working from home now, it might seem plausible to claim those 'improvements' now that the dining room also functions as the boardroom, the kitchen as a breakout space featuring a new integrated DeLonghi coffee machine, and of course the required upgrade to the bathroom facilities and office. Be sure to run these ideas past someone in the know...that is not us!!

  4. Listing Your Spouse as a “Business Consultant”
    It would take some very creative bookkeeping to convince anyone that partners can provide any sound, non-bias business advice, certainly nothing that would be worth paying for in my case. 

  5. Claiming Your Vacation as a “Business Trip”
    A trip to Fiji could be spun as a strategic planning retreat, right? Probably not, you'll want some detailed proof that your travel was for business purposes. Those Instagram selfies on the beach might suggest otherwise.

  6. Deducting Your Coffee Addiction
    We wish! Without our daily dose of caffeine, we’d never get through the workday. Coffee is practically a business necessity! Apparently, though, the ATO seems to think Nescafe from a tin is a perfectly suitable stimulant for the office.

  7. Writing Off Your Kids’ Toys as “Office Supplies”
    The cost of kids is outrageous and sure would help bring down our taxable income if we could expense them, but this one is apparently, a big no no, same as your pet really. As much as Legos can be great for brainstorming sessions, and those inappropriate colouring books, pure stress relief for those poor customer-facing employees dealing with 'Karens' all day, but the definition is pretty clear, best we stick with pens and notebooks. 

    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Fucking Loser Pen

Tax time doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. While these hilariously inappropriate tax tips are good for a laugh, they’re best left as jokes. The ATO has seen it all and won’t be amused by your creative deductions. Stick to legitimate expenses and may be hire a professional to ensure your taxes are in order. After all, the best way to survive tax season is with a good sense of humour and a compliant tax return. Happy lodging!


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