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Inappropriate Gifts we are not allowed to advertise on Facebook

3 min read

Inappropriate Gifts we are not allowed to advertise on Facebook

Gifts we are not allowed to advertise on Facebook 

No need to read any further if you get offended easily! 

Once upon a time before people got offended by everything, there lived a successful inappropriate gift shop.  The gift shop was a safe and fun store where people with an inappropriate sense of humour could find gifts for their friends and loved ones who also had a rude, edgy, sarcastic and quirky sense of humour. 

Many of our customers found us through our Facebook page.  Then came along the big bad wolf Zuckerburg (misspelt on purpose IYKYK) and his community standards and they threatened to blow the store down.   The Inappropriate Gift Co pleaded with them... "Please this is our livelihood, we left corporate jobs with good money to sell this funny shit, please don't ban us and take away our fun and our ability to pay our mortgage" 

The Facebook gods looked down upon us with pity and said:

"Alrighty then as long as you only post gifts and memes that meet our standards and we will not be showing your page or your shop to anyone new" 

The Gift Co was relieved that it could still exist until it realised that a good 90% of its gifts and memes may not meet community standards...and by not being shown to any new inappropriate peeps it is difficult to grow, especially when we cannot advertise our best sellers. 

If you have read this far... THANK YOU.   Here are our best sellers that we are not allowed to advertise:

1, Sarcastic portion control/diet plate 

Apparently calling someone a fat fucker and a fat cunt is against FB community rules?  I designed this plate for myself, as I am classed as obese.. I find it funny and many of our customers do too as it is our number 1 bestseller.  Currently on sale

2, Cock socks. 

We are not allowed to promote adult products?  so these COCK SOCKS are a no no go..

and this fun pump action adult "Cum Face Game" is a definite no.  Yet it is one of the most hilarious games we have ever played!   P.S. Trust us, best not to search cum face game on google... just click on the pic below and it will take you to the shopping page! 

3. Even these innocent delights are banned from FB advertising

These cheeky cock shaped biscuits melt in your mouth and taste divine (unlike the real thing). Surprise the girls or grandma at your next high tea with these Scottish penis shortbreads ...  If only you could get Jamie Fraser at the tea party as well! 

Anything with the C word on it.... which actually rules quite alot of our gifts out! Here are out best selling C word gifts:

How cute is this bovine below and we are referring to the plushie not Samuel Johnson of LOVE YOUR SISTER 

how cute is this bovine.. and we are talking about Christian Hull but he knows a fun game when he see's one.  Our Who's the cunt game is one of our best selling games of all time.   We have a lot of people who cut out their own photos of people to place in the game.... genius level

We are also not allowed to advertise the word FUCK ... which pretty much covers the rest of our gifts!  We love Manu .... who is rocking this Apron. 

The MAMAMIAteam are our go to for refreshingly honest news and views.  Mia Freedman loves her Last Fuck candle. 


You may not find us on Facebook but once you do discover the delights of inappropriate gifts - please share to your networks. 

Have fun shopping! 


I am not ready to buy anything just yet, but I do need a regular laugh in my inbox. please sign me up for your Inappropriate Meme Newsletters 






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