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Spice Up Mother’s Day: 10 Hilarious and Quirky Gift Ideas to Make Mum Laugh

3 min read

Spice Up Mother’s Day: 10 Hilarious and Quirky Gift Ideas to Make Mum Laugh

This Mother's Day use that sass and spicy sense of humour you got from her to choose a gift that will have her snorting tea out of her nose with laughter. I mean, she's been dealing with our shenanigans for years; the least we can do is give her a gift that'll make her laugh harder than she did at Dad's attempts at helping around the house. So, whether it's a wine glass big enough to hold all her hopes and dreams, or a set of motivational desk cards for the kitchen bench with quotes like "Let's Keep the Dumbfuckery to a Minimum Today", we'll help you find your Mum a gift that says, "I get it, and I'm sorry for all the bullshit, hernias and gray hairs."

  1. Arm mum with a glass of wine, then mix with amusement, and slight terror when you tell her you'll be in charge of the cooking this Mother's Day before serving her a delicious bowl of laughter with The Inappropriate Gift Co's Penis Pasta.
     TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Penis Pasta
  2. As the last morsel of dinner disappears from the plates and the sink becomes a battlefield, help Mum take charge and send a clear message that she would like some help in the kitchen. The Inappropriate Gift Co has a brilliant selection of tea towels sprinkled with some colourful language that says exactly what Mum is thinking. We think one of these will make a perfect gift this Mother's Day. 
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Clean The Fuck Up Tea Towel
  3. Forget flowers and chocolates; this Mother's Day, it's time to step up your gift game and knock Mom's socks off, literally and replace them with these brilliantly funny and super soft "Fuck Off" Socks. Then hand her a cup of coffee or a glass of bubbles and tell her to put her feet up. 
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Fuck Off Socks
  4. Light up Mum's Day with a beautiful candle, the essence of indulgence, and a subtle hint that maybe, it's time for someone else to take over dish duty for a change. Let Mum's worries melt away with the gentle aromas of dirty laundry and three-day old dishes from the kid's bedrooms, just kidding, The Inappropriate Gift Co's Last Fuck Candle is a deliciously triple-scented vanilla caramel.
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co My Last Fuck Candle
  5. Gift mum a mug that's more than just a vessel for caffeine – it's a beacon of parental pride and a shrine to her superhero status! With every sip of her favourite brew, Mum will be reminded of her unrivaled ability to juggle a million tasks while still keeping her sense of humour intact (most of the time).
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Mum - Anagram mug
  6. Elevate Mum's self-care game with a twist – quirky labelled essential oils that'll make her giggle as much as they soothe her senses. Each bottle is like a mini potion, promising to whisk her away to a realm where stress is but a distant memory and relaxation reigns supreme.
  7. Because we Mum's are always on the go, whether conquering the morning school run or embarking on a cross-country road trip, a travel mug is the perfect gift this Mother's Day. This sturdy vessel will be her steadfast ally, keeping her favourite brew piping hot and her spirits soaring (yes it will also keep Wine or Gin and Tonic Cool). And let's not forget the handy spill-proof lid, because even supremum's have their clumsy moments.
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Best mum in the whole fucking world travel tumbler
  8. Here, we don't sugarcoat the messy reality of parenting. We embrace it with open arms, a glass of wine, and a colourful vocabulary that would make a sailor blush. If your Mum is a sweary motherfucker, you're likely to blame...and we have just the mug for that.    

  9. We think all mum's should be presented with this certificate on Mother's Day, for enduring an extraordinary amount of shit (both literal and figurative) with grace, humour, and if they're an Inappropriate Gift Co mum, an impressive amount of profanity.
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Certificate of Appreciation Mum (Digital Download Only)
  10. Drum Roll...the perfect gift this Mother's Day...A break, a laugh, or perhaps a trip down memory lane when a bottle of milk didn't cost $20. 

Have a laugh and get your Mother's Day shopping done early.



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