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Global Inappropriate Mums Party

1 min read

Global Inappropriate Mums Party

Guess what ? life comes down to two aims 1) the avoidance of pain and 2) the pursuit of pleasure.  As a mum sometimes it feels like our days are filled with 1) the pursuit of pain and 2) the avoidance of pleasure. 

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful group of inappropriate mums that make me laugh every day and reinforce my genuine belief that life is short we need to have fun, stay foolish and don't sweat the small stuff.  Chatting one Friday evening after quite a few vino's we decided to plan the party of all time...     We are still early days - as in one Meme written, 500 mums on board across Sydney, London, Winchester, Perth, Gold Coast, Duleek (Ireland), Singapore, Florida and (I am sure so many more places yet to come) and a loose set of party plans that obviously include a giant iced penis to drink from...  Thanks Sophie! 


If you're a mum and like inappropriate humour and want to come party with us on April 1st 2017 email   Like our insta #inappropriategift which will provide details as they come available or join our tribe:  facebook page - inappropriate mums. 

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