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Let's make wearing masks fun! 

We have done the hard but enjoyable task of trawling the internet to search out the best inappropriate face masks, here are some of our favourites: 

TIGER KING HAUNTS US STILL. Carole has her own range! 

inappropriate mask

You can also start looking like Joe Exotic (if you want to?)

inappropriate face masks 2

If you do want to look like a complete knob, why not try this one?

penis inappropriate mask

Or if you like cock, you could try wearing this one.

inappropriate cock mask

If you're not a cock lover but do love dick, this one is for you.

inappropriate dick mask

While we are on the subject of sex, check out this sex toy one below.

(P.S.I have no idea what most of those toys are.. I just use a good old fashioned cucumber from Coles) 

inappropriate gift co mask

While we are on the subject of sex toys, you don't even need to buy a new mask, just use the one you have in your bedroom cupboard, perfect for eating hot dogs through. 

inappropriate gimp mask


This mask below is perfect to wear grocery shopping.

sex toy mask inappropriate

Is it just me or is this baby one slightly disturbing?

baby mask

The next one is even more disturbing.. someone get that person a tissue!

snotty nose mask

I think I will stay away from anyone wearing this mask.. 

rona mask inappropriate

Nice smile.. 

nice smile teeth mask

Of course our favourite inappropriate masks are the ones we are creating!

 The ones featured below, have reached our finalist stage - head on over to our socialsto vote on which ones you want us to make.  They will be available for preorder early next week and should take approx two weeks to make and send.   They are made and printed in Australia and will come with filters and a nose pinch seam (Karen, please note they are not medical devices). 


if you can read this



 not today rona

my name is not karen

fuck off cunt

sweary mum

dad husband legend

talkt today

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August 20, 2021

I love the one with all the dicks


August 03, 2020

I’ll have a Fuck Off Cunt and not feeling very talk one – for sure!

Hayley MacDonald
Hayley MacDonald

August 03, 2020

Not today Rona please!!


August 02, 2020


August 02, 2020

Not Today Rona


August 02, 2020

Please advise when can order this mask please

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