The 26 most inappropriate Coronavirus memes

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Aussies have a knack for laughing their way through a crisis. Like an emotionally barren man with commitment issues, we like to smile through the tears and deny the pain. Take for example when national icon Steve Irwin bit the dust; it was less than an hour before jokes were circulating.

And Coronavirus - or “Rona” as we’ve affectionately nicknamed her - because we also love a nickname… is no exception.

So to celebrate our suitably depraved sense of humour when the rest of the world is in a panic, we’ve done the leg work and collected the most inappropriate Corona memes doing the rounds on the internet right now.


Way to take this virus viral, Australia!


Well, that was awkward...


Rona’s got nothin on Chuck



Oh, fuck off Karen. No one likes you





Ebola getting her knickers in a twist



Tiger King distracting us from the pending apocalypse




It doesn’t, for the record…


Toilet paper-gate



Wait, spread what?


I think we’ll cook at home from now on


Shut up kids and eat your rolls



Bon giorno Brad!


How’s iso treating you, ladies?


Guess those little shits are doomed



C’mon Scotty from marketing!


Hurry the fuck up Jolene


You will 100% die, because kids are needy jerks


Seriously Australia, do you do anything but drink?



Yeah, we never really liked you anyway...


Stop squirming kid


Who dat?





Mmmm, eau de Dettol


You were right Kurt



Hang in there Keith, we need you!


Know when to walk away…

Fuck, it touched me!



The Hunger Games have arrived

If you’ve seen any other seriously inappropriate memes, make sure you tag us on Instagram @inappropriategift and share or comment on our Facebook post ...  I'm sure we will have enough to do another top 20 or so next week!

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5 Responses


November 12, 2020

Love is painful, hurting when they are have a plan but never show up


July 25, 2020

When I lose my job, for being inappropriate, can I come and work for you guys?

keith Pratt
keith Pratt

April 08, 2020

I like the words on your wet wipes, could they be new lyrics for Can’t Touch This by M C Hammer?


April 07, 2020

Hahahahaha the Keith Richards one does affect me more than it really should. “You ok Keith??” 👀 👀


April 07, 2020

P E R F E C T !!!

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