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Mum: The Original Superhero! How to have a stress-free Mother's Day

3 min read

Mum: The Original Superhero! How to have a stress-free Mother's Day

Most cynical middle-aged people have been led to believe that Hallmark invented Mother's Day to help sell greeting cards, and although this seems entirely plausible, truth be known, Mother's Day is a legitimate day of celebration! Championed by an American woman, Anna Jarvis, after her mother died in 1904, it was a small gesture to honour the sacrifices mothers make for their children like their vagina, abdominal wall and sanity to name just a few.

Fast forward 120 years and we're as slaty as McDonald fries, passing Mother's Day off as a commercial ploy conspiring to empty our wallets. But here at the Inappropriate Gift Co, we're hitting rewind, taking Mother's Day back to its roots in 1914, when it was first recognized as a day to celebrate Mums!  A day of reflection and intimate family gatherings where someone else cooks and cleans. 

If you're looking for fresh ways to reclaim the holiday and ease the burden of trying to please all the important mothers in your life (Mum, Step-Mum, Mother in Fucking Law, Grandmothers, Dads who identify as mums because they did the laundry...did we forget anyone?), here are our top hassle-free ways to have fun this Mother's Day.

  1. Food Platters and Champagne
    Simplify your food plans for the day and say goodbye to mealtime stress or impossible parking and set menu's at overpriced restaurants! With numerous places offering platters, including our beloved supermarket giants Coles & Woolies 🤣 (they'll just want your first born!) assembling a couple of platters for lunch accompanied by a bottle of champagne creates a hassle-free event. Round off this effortless Mother's Day lunch idea with some Chinese takeout or pizza for dinner and put your feet up!
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Wine Time Socks
  2. Games! 
    Regardless of age, a day with some games will always make for easy, lighthearted fun. From a rotation between Uno or twister to some more funny and inappropriate options like our I wish I didn't know! The filthy trivia game or Ballz Up!
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co Ballz Up Party Game
  3. Time outside
    Landing in the middle of autumn, it is the perfect time to summon your inner squirrel and venture forth into the great outdoors to see the leaves changing to toasty orange hues, complete with a hot coffee and your dog on a lead!
    TIGC The Inappropriate Gift Co My farts hospitalise small children dog bandana
  4. Mess with your mum for the day!
    If you're blessed to be part of a large family or even if its just you and another sibling, have some laughs with a drinking game, this will test out how well you know your mum. Every time she says a particular thing from a predetermined list, you take a drink. Does your mum have a specific catch phrase? Does she always ask your brother "Are you seeing anyone" or talk about that time she did a world cruise. Your mum will wonder why everyone is so shit faced, but it sure will make Mother's Day lunch fun! 
  5. Family Olympics
    Are you from a family of overachievers? Why not challenge everyone to a game of cricket, soccer, or another sport that will have everyone, from cousins to grandkids, running around and earning their lunch! 
  6. Paint & Sip
    These have been all the rage for a while now, and a cute Mother's Day idea, that can be done in the comfort of your own home. We say why not colour and sip with an inappropriate colouring book, select a few pages and share them amongst the Mother's Day guests, assuming they don't mind your spicy sense of humour and diverse vocabulary? It's a unique way to celebrate and bond over unconventional humor.

We hope however you choose to spend your Mother's Day, it is a fabulous day that ticks all your boxes, brings bucket loads of laughs, and makes you feel like the one-in-million legend that you are! 


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