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Secret Santa Gifts and Inappropriate Office Parties!

3 min read

Secret Santa Gifts and Inappropriate Office Parties!

Stress balls and mug warmers and USBs oh my! It’s that time of year when we all long to click our heels together three times and be transported home from a work Christmas party that’s getting as loose a pair of linen pants on a Byron Bae’s influencer. 
Before the sunsets on an awkward boat cruise with an open bar where co-workers' inhibitions are getting as low as Tiffany, the receptionist’s neckline, there’s the exchanging of the secret Santa gifts. That auspicious time when you attempt to give a gift that is thoughtful, but not too thoughtful, funny, but not too offensive and cheap, not tacky. It’s a fun challenge right!?  

Well, we’re here to help. At the Inappropriate Gift Co, we have a series of gifts that make buying for your co-workers simple!  

Use the chilli rating to match your colleagues' sense of humour and ability to enjoy life; 

  • Three chilli's you have yourself one of the best co-workers going around, that person knows how to have a good time!  
  • Two chilli’s definitely worth having a few tequila shots with and even hit the dance floor .
  • One chilli, ok we all have a few one chilli’s in our vege patch, chances are they won’t be around long enough to see you bust a move on the dance floor, but worth keeping on your side as you may need someone to help you remember what profanities you yelled at your boss across the bar come Monday morning.  

So here they are...the BEST, FUNNIEST, MOST INAPPROPRIATE, #makeworkfunagain gifts out there! 
1) Most HR Departments will tell you not to give wine. Personally, we are all for gifting alcohol, nothing like happy Friday, here’s some wine, or wahoo, it’s Wednesday, here’s some wine.  With many places of work being ZERO tolerance to alcohol we do understand HR's standpoint. On that note, no one said anything about vessels to hold alcohol. If you are classy as fuck like us, you’ll appreciate the value of a beautiful set of funny wine tumblers, Cheeky Wine Tumbler Set (set of 4), these are also a great one chilli choice!

2) No doubt everyone has a stress ball or two in their top draw at work. Because we’re not allowed to drink wine at our desk to manage the shitfest, a stress ball is a handy item to have! Make it fun with The Inappropriate Gift Co’s Stress Balls.

3) A beautiful candle is always a welcomed gift, an inappropriate one, even better! We absolutely love the My Last Fuck Candle. Just be sure not to gift it to someone who may use it to burn down the office, as you might be considered an accomplice! 

4) A Lack of Planning Mug is the perfect gift for a colleague forced to deal with a incompetent manager who seems to always think his/her emergency situation is everyone else's problem.

5) For the boss who sits around counting his money while everyone else is pulling all-nighters to get shit done our Pooping Puppies Jigsaw Puzzle will at least make you feel like they're also dealing with some shit at the office. 

6) For the person at the top of the tree... maybe that's you? or a Boss you actually respect... Nothing says I'm the boss like these two gifts.. 

A big cup of I'm the fucking Boss 

Fucker in charge posh pen 

7)  For the tea room, to remind everyone just how shitty the work is, treat yourself and others to our 2023 shitty calendar - the animal edition. One way to bring a laugh each month! 

Shitty Calendar 2023 - the animal edition 

8) To bring a laugh to your desk, or as a thoughtful gift for a fun co-worker, these inappropriate motivational desk cards are a breath of fresh air, just don't let Sue from HR or jan from accounts read them! 

Inappropriate motivational desk cards 

9)Tell everyone what mood you are in with our Magnetic Mood board 

10) Liven up the office party with our FESTIVE AF balloon collection... 

11) Here’s hoping, after the festivities you won’t find yourself looking for a new job come Monday! But with our awesome gift options, we’re pretty confident you’ll be an office hero. You might even score a “Cunt of the Year” Trophy!  

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