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Best Gifts for a Scorpio

2 min read

Best Gifts for a Scorpio

We love Scorpio’s here at the Inappropriate Gift Co, they get our inappropriate and sometimes dark sense of humour, and for that we appreciate them!  

Often awarded the title of arseholes of the zodiac signs, the focus tends to be on the negative traits; vengeful, reclused and possessive, however the fact remains, it is these traits that prevent people from seeing all the good that Scorpio’s have to offer.  

Whether you are a Scorpio or blessed (or cursed) with a Scorpio in your life, you will know that beyond the hard hitting exterior and judgmental glares, is a hardworking, get the job done, passionate Scorpio in desperate need of some love. Why not shower them with gifts this birthday!  

  1. TheI fucking Hate People bangle is the perfect gift! Straight to the point, the Scorpio in your life will love it! 
  1. The very awesome,I'm not feeling very talky today. Off you fuck Mug! Rings so true for so many Scorpios!  
  1. TheGet F#cked - GO AWAY Gnome, is another stellar choice, Scorpio’s can leave this at their front door when they’re in one of their revenge plotting moods and do not want to be disturbed. 
  1. For the reclusive kind, you can’t go past the Inappropriate Sweary Colouring Book, hours of self-soothing fun to keep even the most spiteful mind busy, better they be colouring than plotting revenge on their enemies.  
  1. As a get the job done personality, we are sure your Scorpio friend would appreciate ourDIY RUDE Santa Bon Bons because it will be Christmas before we know it!  
  1. The dark brooding Scorpio often rises to positions of power so they may need this pen in their life!Fucker in Charge Posh Pen 
  1. And finally, another great option is theWarning No Stupid People Beyond This Point Sign, because as we all know, they do not tolerate fuckwits well! 

Having developed an unhealthy dependency on the smiley face emoji and sarcastic come backs, Scorpio’s can bring a lot of laughter or tears to your life, here at the Inappropriate Gift Co we have a few in our lives, so we suggest it is best to keep these vengeful individuals on your good side with an awesome gift that embraces their inappropriate sense of humor and wicked mind!  


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