The Funniest Christmas Adverts

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The Funniest Christmas Adverts

Advertising has been around for centuries, and Christmas, like the Superbowl, seems to bring out the best in advertising agencies. We’ve flicked through the archives to find some of the most entertaining advertisements of all time, created to capture some of your Christmas coin and provide some unadulterated laughter. 

  1. Mojud Stockings 

No wonder Santa was such a jolly fellow, he knew how to fill a stocking according to Mojud stockings who produced a series of risqué Christmas ads in the 1950’s. We wish we knew these ad execs because we can only imagine it would have been like living in the Mad Men Series.  

  Mojud Stockings

Images from Envisioning the American Dream. 

2. Mulberry Miracle 

We were wondering where this ad was going, but it certainly did not disappoint, we love that a high-end luxury brand can also have a bit of fun and make this brilliant and inappropriate Christmas advert. The paper hats on the “Kings” were absolutely gold! 


3. PornHub Gift for Grandpa 

Pornhub knows that size matters, especially when it comes to an advertising budget, but they certainly also know how to use it. This ad has it all, but the tag line at the end is our favourite part, “give the most touching gift this Christmas”.


4. PooPouri Even Santa Poops 

    With a series of inappropriate Christmas ads from PooPouri it was hard to pick just one, but the 2020 advertisement had so much good stuff going on, I guess thank you Covid? We especially loved the conference call and cupid's cameo! 

    5. No Naughty List Tesco Christmas 

    It seems that the absolute clusterfuck that was covid has inspired some quality inappropriate advertising. We loved Tesco’s take on the events that framed the covid pandemic with the no naughty list, because after lockdowns and home schooling, we really did all deserve a get out of jail free card from Santa! 

    6. Poundland’s Naughty Elf 

    We cannot leave out social media ads, and Poundland’s Naughty Elf social media campaign from 2018 was so inappropriate it got banned. An ode to the Elf on the Shelf trend, the Elf was featured in a series of naughty scenes from playing stripe poker to riding on a donkey with the line “Don’t tell Rudolph I’ve found a new piece of ass.”  We feel your pain Elfie! We to have been in Facebook jail! 

    Elfie in Facebook Jail 
    Naughty Elf Polish your balls

     We hope the festive season brings lots more laughs from funny gifts to Christmas crackers jokes and every moment in between, because Christmas without laughter would be Christmas done wrong!

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