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Weirdest and Most Inappropriate Tax Deductions

4 min read

funny tax time gifts inappropriate gift

Tax time isn’t usually something you would associate with a good time, but there are some funny and downright inappropriate things that people have claimed on their tax return that will have you in stitches...and them in court.

Here are the top ten inappropriate things people have claimed as a tax deduction.

1. Coming in at number one for most inappropriate tax deduction is a lawyer from Melbourne, he claimed prostitutes and massage therapy as a medical necessity! The best part, he won the court case and was allowed to include these deductions in his tax claim! We’re guessing he would be fully booked if he came out of retirement!

2. If you’re trying to find a way to afford that exotic boa constrictor, you might just be able to claim this through your tax return if you take up exotic dancing and can include your snake in the act! Best part, you can also include your high heels and sequin outfits too! At least this was the case for a 23-year-old girl from Britian. She just had to perform her act for the judge in his chambers and she was good to claim (jokes, she just showed the evidence in court).

boa constrictor inappropriate tax deductions

3. Perhaps it's not so much a single item claimed, but a more embellished job description and subsequent claims, at least this was the case for an Aussie trying to claim video games and streaming services because he was an “Entertainment Consultant”. Unfortunately for this inspirational citizen, he was found out to be a check-out worker at technology retailer and his deductions were denied.

4. Really, it seems it’s the adult industries that get to have all the fun deductions. From our pet snake wrangler above, there are countless claims that have been successfully challenged in court for fake boobs, sex toys, exotic holidays and lingerie!

We think we may have our next Inappropriate Gift Co strategy meeting in Bora Bora! 

inappropriate tax deductions

Or maybe I could claim this sexy number as a new work outfit (AFTER I've had a boob job and tummy lift!) 

inappropriate tax deductions


We don't have any supporting evidence on these next claims, but we are pretty sure the tax accountant would have some questions when these claims landed on their desk...

5. Claims made by a Professional Sleeper...could you imagine claiming your bed, your luxurious French linen bed sheets and some Peter Alexander PJs. I don't even care about the tax deductions! I'm moving to Finland and applying for this Job! This actual job requires the employee of a hotel to sleep in a different hotel bed each night and write a review about the experience! 

inappropriate tax deductions

6. Ok, this job would have had so many applicants! A Professional NETFLIX watcher!! I am literally already doing this...just not getting paid! How good would it be to claim your big screen TV, your couch, popcorn & tortillas and salsa? It wouldn't always be easy though, this person is required to watch all Netflix content before it is available to the public, and let's be honest, there is some crap viewing on there!

7. Finally, wouldn't you love to see the look on the tax accountants face when you throw down your paperwork to claim a boat, scuba diving equipment and multiple watertight containers. These are the things you'd need if you were an underwater pizza delivery man! Yep, actual legit job offered in Florida to service the guests of their underwater hotel. Sorry Florida, but I personally like my pizza and hotels above water thanks!

pizza tax deductions inappropriate gift

If you want to keep yourself out of hot water this tax season but are looking for some last-minute deductions, why not shop our range of funny and inappropriate office and stationery items. We’re not sure if the Cunt of the Year Trophy could be counted for building staff moral? You might want to check that one with your accountant or HR team! 


cunt of the year award

 Here are some great ideas for tax time deductions..

Surely you can claim the pen you used to complete your tax return?  (yes we know most people do it online but still you'll need a pen at some point during the process!) 

fuck off i'm busy posh pen


A mug to drink your coffee from when you masterfully navigate that sexy beast know as excel. 

freak in the sheets mug

Following on from the lawyer who claimed hookers and cocaine for stress relief, here is something much safer but still effective: A desk sweary punching ball...  just give hit next time, you feel the anger rising because you are surrounded by dickheads.

sweary punching ball

Or if you need something else to help with the stress at work, use our delightful stress balls.... (Janet in accounts already has one in her top drawer!) 

stress balls

Now hydration at work is a basic human need, consider this next gift a WH&S necessity.... 

Our designer slim envelope shaped bottle fits nicely in your briefcase,,, (do people still have briefcases?) 

is it water bottle

While we are on the subject of WH&S - surely safety signage can be claimed as a work expense? 

not to be operated by fuckwits sign

Have a look at our other funny tax deduction gifts... 

Tax Time Shopping

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