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Funny and Inappropriate Graduation Gifts

1 min read

Funny and Inappropriate Graduation Gifts

Has your bestie managed to complete tertiary education despite the many nights you kept them out too late or convinced them to have just one more tequila shot despite the exam the following morning? If your best friend or adult child is about to graduate explore our range of funny and inappropriate gift ideas...but before you get shopping have a laugh with our favourite funny graduation memes!

Reality check...the fun part is over! 


Who are all these people? 

Who are all these people?

What a coincidence, I had the same plans!! Still living the dream!

I had the same plans

Still helping me out on the daily, not my degree, Google!

I still thank Google daily

As if the reality of a full-time entry level salary wasn't bad enough!

More reality for our Graduates!

More on the reality front for our recent graduates

Another Reality Meme


To those out there who are graduating or celebrating a graduate, we promise, it isn't all bad. Like all things in life, it is just another season sprinkled with different shit that makes you think, for fuck's sake, I can't wait for retirement, where no doubt, you'll be saying the same thing. But to get you through, there is always The Inappropriate Gift Co, because it will all seem a fuck lot easier if you can have a laugh!  

What does a recent graduate, about to embark on their dream career need...

A mascot! 

A classy pen! 

A candle to relive the stress after a busy day on the ward, in the classroom or the office...

And finally, a mug to start the day...


For more great ideas shop our graduation range CLICK HERE.

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