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What NOT to buy Hubby for Fathers Day

2 min read

What NOT to buy Hubby for Fathers Day

Fathers Day is yet another commercial "event" to encourage you to buy shit to give to your loved one, in many cases we have to buy a gift for hubby as well as for dad (our dad and our father in law). 

Isn't it funny that on Mothers day and Valentines day HUGE amounts of money get spent but when it comes to Fathers Day it is a case of "Oh he'll be happy with a six pack of beers and a pair of socks or a card and a couple of Scratchies".  

The truth is, he is happy with anything because he daren't moan that the gift you bought was shite.  In fact he is going to say he loves it because he is hanging out hope that maybe just maybe because it is his day and he may get a shag.

Please know I am talking about Hubby at this point, not my dad.. that would just be inappropriate and even though I am Queen Inappropriate, talking about sex and my dad in the same sentence is too far even for me. 

In our Inappropriate Dads Facebook Group,the question was posed - "What  was the shittest gift you have been given for fathers Day?"   The best answer came from Stuart who wrote: 

"One year my ex wife gave me socks, a multipack of undies and a root! And they were all three sizes too big." 

So here is the BORING list of things they get every year:

"tie, socks, undies, wallet, mug, stubby holder, moaned at, lottery ticket, beer, keyring, car wash kit, slippers."

Let's have some fun this fathers days and give him a gift he'll find funny. 

 Make life fun again - stop gifting boring gifts!

 Inappropriate Gift Ideas below :) 

1) His own pair of boobs to play with in the shower  - Soap Dispenser

2) Funny undies 

3) Bring me beer socks 

4) Genis bag 

5) Inappropriate stubby holders

6) Rude Mug

7) Wine Label

8) Rude Garden Gnome

9) F U Hip Flask 

10) Sign 

11) Rockstar Dad 

12) Notebook 

13) Bottle Opener 

14) Cuff Links 

15) Board games 

 Would love to hear your comments on the worst fathers day gift you have ever received or given someone... 









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