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Why you should throw an Inappropriate Christmas in July party.

2 min read

Why you should have a Christmas in July Party
  1. We need some fun in our lives.
  2. Any bloody excuse for a party and some gifts
  3. There will be alcohol.

How Christmas in July Started

The very first celebration of this summertime holiday was in North Carolina at a girl’s summer camp. Not a BAND CAMP (you have such a filthy mind.)

The staff at the Keystone Camp decided to throw a Christmas celebration in July of 1933. The event garnered national attention (at least in recreational magazines). It was such a hit, that the holiday became an annual occurrence.   Now across both sides of the globe we use it is an excuse to have a party. Here in Australia we like the fact that is is finally cold enough to feel like a northern winter Christmas.  In the UK by contrast they love the fact that they can finally have a pool party and a "sand snowman".

Here is our Inappropriate mums guide to throwing a Christmas in July party.

  • Choose the people you like and want to spend time with – (these are normally similar mums who like to drink and have fun).
  • Venue – best to pick the mum who has the nicest house.. (we all have one who lives in a Hampton style mansion…)
  • Choose an organiser (preferably not you, you just want to rock up, have fun, and leave!) Let’s not joke we all have that one friend who is amazeballs at organising and scares the shit out of everyone so they do what she says – usually it’s the same mum who has the nice house.…lol.
  • Here are the ten things you will need to make sure it is a proper Christmas in July shindig. 
    1. A Christmas pop quiz. (should have a mix of 80s and 90s tunes)
    2. A turkey, brussel sprouts and all the trimmings
    3. Inappropriate gifts (we know a place that sells these 😊)
    4. Shit loads of alcohol…. Aperol, vodka, champagne, gin, pinot grigio.
    5. Ugly sweaters
    6. Tacky plastic dangly snowmen earrings
    7. A CD with the best Xmas music of all time (or for those tech savvy mums, just use spotify)
    8. Organise Babysitters – this is an adult only event…. We do not want those rug rats running around RUINING EVERYTHING.
    9. A game - either inappropriate charades (Download our charades game CLICK HERE) orInappropriate Charades
    10. an Inappropriate game ... check out our faves here
    11. Panadol, Aspro Clear and Berocca for the morning after.

So what are you waiting for ladies?   Save the date as close to 25thJuly as you can. Invite your besties… and start planning that party!

Do you have any other good ideas for how to throw a great Xmas in July Party..comment below.

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