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I love this kid.    He makes my heart sing.    A huge shout out to his parents whoever they are for raising a confident kid. He is happy in his own skin, the world has not yet dragged him down.  I hope it never does.  We need more people like Trevor!



Trevor knows you only live once, he is enjoying life. 

Trevor doesn't care if everyone around him is fucking miserable.

Trevor is full of joy. 


For those of you living under a rock, Trevor is a 12 year old kid who has taken the internet by storm after his performance at an Alabama Elementary School. 

Trevor Bolling pulled out all the stops in his funny AF dance routine to the Mowgli's song "I'm Good".  What made it all the funnier was the other participants were just so understated to the point that they seem mortified being on stage, not our Trevor, he was born for this! 

 I love this quote from an article in NewsWeek.com  

"Some were embarrassed to be in front of people. One was shy while trying to sing and make their parents proud.

"Some were hiding behind a friend. One was doing exactly what their teacher told them to do."

"Then, there was Trevor... the one that we all look back on our middle school days and wish we had been courageous enough to be.

"We all wish we had his confidence and joy during one of the most awkward years of our lives."

If you haven't seen the footage yet - check out this link at Newsweek.com

The hilarious footage which was posted by his teacher on 2nd June - has now gone Viral.  

I woke up in a shitty mood today, and Trevor was one of the first things I saw on social media, he made my day and gave me a real kick up the backside.   We all need to be a bir more like Trevor! 

I'm even thinking of creating a range of products #BeLikeTrevor! 

Watch this space... 

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M. O'Hara
M. O'Hara

April 15, 2022

This kid Trevor is hilarious! He moves like a kid version of the actor Jack Black! He is so funny and talented. Love his free spirit and how he doens’t care what anyone else thinks of him! Pure Fun!


July 13, 2021

This kid is awensome love his sassyness

Nicole Brunskill
Nicole Brunskill

June 15, 2021

This video made my day. I keep coming back to it again and again and watching it when I feel like I need a quick smile or laugh. I think all kids, my son included, could benefit from Trevor’s example and zast for life.

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