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10 Fun Adult Board Games You Most Certainly Cannot Play With The Kids!

4 min read

10 Fun Adult Board Games You Most Certainly Cannot Play With The Kids!

Here are the instructions to run your own fun office secret santa, kris kringle or

Just because we are adults, it doesn't mean we don't like to have fun playing games, sometimes games with the kids can be fun... (who the fuck are we kidding?). 


monopoly meme

Here at The Inappropriate Gift Co- we are all about MAKING LIFE FUN AGAIN so our advice is to drop the crotch goblins with grandma, (make sure you feed them red jelly and orange gummy snakes in the car on the way there!),  then invite your fun mates round, chill the sauv blanc, set up the cheese board and nibbles and have some fun playing our adult only games.  In no particular order here are our fave 10 adult games for your next adult games night. 

Forget Monopoly. 

1. Fuckedupopoly was the game to play, but that is old news, we now have the latest edition EVEN MORE FUCKEDUPOPOLY  OMG....  Hours of inappropriate fun but be warned, some of these cards are just WRONG..... this game is not for most people! 

Travel the board buying FUCKED UP things, catching fucked up diseases, visiting fucked up places and collecting welfare money and generally fucking things up so much you lose your dignity and your money! the winner is the one with the most cash and fucked up assets at the end (your nan's anal beads and your brothers cum sock are examples of "the assets" you can acquire..)  

ceven more fuckedopoly

even more fuckedopoly

2. Next on the list is the Cum Face game... 


cum face game

Before you begin, pour liquid into the hole positioned between the two shafts. We advise water but any safe to consume high flow liquid can be used.

    • For first use, pump approx 200 times then press the reset button and repeat. Game should then release a load within about 50 pumps... enjoy!
    • The object of the game is to pump the penises as quickly as possible to be the first player to squirt their opponent in the face, or mouth, and be declared the fastest w@*ker. Then, pass it on to the next contenders.

We thought the best way to show you how to play this game is with a video 

Oops - apparently You Tube doesn't like our video.... you can view it on our product page here Cum Face Game 

3. While we are on the subject of getting your face wet, our next fun game is called MOIST.   

Let's say that again for all the people who hate this word MOIST.. Moist is the adult card game that has been missing from your life, it comes in a handy deck of cards size so you can take it anywhere!  

Moist the inappropriate gift co fun games for adults


4. Our favourite game - Who's the Cunt.  

whos the cunt

Who remembers playing guess who as a kid? Well, guess what – we have a new inappropriate version of it!  Other shops refuse to sell it lol!

Who’s the cunt? Our hilarious new game for people who love the C word!  The perfect game to play with grandma.    "Hey, nan is your cunt moody?"

who's the cunt game

5. FUCK the Game, this clever card game combines science with swearing! 

fuck the game

A card game perfect for the next night in with your mates.   A social card game that will fuck with your head by using a hysterically tricky combination of colours and swear words. 

fuck the game

It sounds simple, but the cards use a psychological phenomenon – the Stroop effect – known to mess with your head and delay your brain’s response. Players can’t help but f**k up, sending the group into fits of laughter.  If you want to see a video on how to play it you can check out the video on our product page. 

6.  I wish I didn't know trivia game.  Trust us you wish you never played!

I wish i didn't know

You'll have fun playing this with your inappropriate mates. I didn't realise how naive I was until I played this game it will have you and your friends in stitches (as long as they have an inappropriate sense of humour) - probably best not to play it with the church group! 

You'll learn new phrases that you cannot forget, such as:

i wish i didn't know game

7. The Rudest Game You've Ever Played. If you are bored with Cards against Humanity or you need something a bit more inappropriate this game is for you!

 rudest game you've ever played

The Rudest Game You've Ever Played ... For Terrible People.  We can honestly say that the CARDS WILL OFFEND so please do not buy this unless you are in fact a very terrible person. 

8. Drawing without Dignity- an inappropriate Pictionary

drawing without dignity

 In this hilarious party game, your knowledge of (and ability to draw) inappropriate material is expected and necessary to win! 

Artistic skills are NOT a requirement and probably won't help, Each game clue has been deemed drawable in a literal sense, even if you might not know its meaning. I had to google quite a few! 

drawing without dignity

9. Cooked Aussies. 

The fully sickest Australian card game for you and your mates to play during an arvo barbie while having a cold one.

cooked aussies

cooked aussies

cooked aussies

10. How to fucking swear swear around the world - have fun learning a new language. 

how to fucking swear around the world

With 100 cards each featuring a different swear word from around the world, you will be left with a rather inappropriate and offensive talent...

Have fun learning how to swear all over the world. These hilarious, educationally offensive cards are sure to keep you entertained for hours. 

how to fucking swear around the world

Hope you liked our inappropriate selection! 

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