16 Funny April Fool's Pranks

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16 Funny April Fool's Pranks

Life us funnier when you are laughing.  An April fools joke has been a long practiced tradition, if you search history web pages, you'll find that the actual origin of April Fools Day is debated. No-one really knows where it began but really who cares?    According to our awesome customers, here are some funny pranks you can play on the 1st April. 

Ranked in no particular order: 

1) Glad wrap the toilet seat, an oldie but a goody! 

2) Get play doh, manipulate it into brown slightly odd oval shapes and then paint them a chocolate brown colour (with non-lead based paint)  than offer people your special home made "Chocolate Truffles" 

3) Buy a sheet of "eye stickers" then let yourself into your mother in laws house (or any relative) and put googly eyes on fucking everything,  fruit bowl, canned items, coffee pot, toilet brush, bedside lamp, electric switches and don't forget the cucumber and tomatoes in the fridge,

4) Put scratches on the car using liquid eyeliner... 

5)  Set the clocks back an hour (or be really adventurous and set them back 3 hours!) 

6) Put a leek under the sink (complete with googly eyes) and then tell your partner that you think there is a serious leak under the sink! 

You can also do the same with a mouse.. just put a computer mouse in there, 

7) Replace the office hand sanitiser with lube.

8) swop the sugar for the salt. 

9) Put a water bottle in your sneaker /trainer and scream "OMG there is water running through the house"

10) Wipe chillies on the edge of the coffee mug, lips will burn and they don't know where it comes from.

11) Put a raw egg in coffee, you only see it when you take the last sip
12) Send a text message to your friends saying  "OMG I hope I you gave me the right number last night,   I'm loving this sexual chemistry between us, shall we meet up again on Saturday? Please keep this confidential. 
13) Put some tape over the remote control sensor on the TV/XBOX/Foxtel and watch them squirm. 
14) Pour talcum powder down someone's car air vents and put their fan on high. When they turn the key to "on" its like a dust storm
15)  Get lint from the tumble dryer and when in bed tell your partner your belly button is really itchy then pull out some fluff to their disgust…
Leave a note asking someone to call Hugh Jarsz and give them Jenny Craig’s number
Hope the above gives you some inspiration!   Remember "Prank"responsibly! 


If you have any more funny pranks leave them in the comments! 



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