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7 Unique Housewarming Gifts

2 min read

7 Unique Housewarming Gifts

The number one rule when turning up to someone's new house is to bring them a gift, something to say congratulations on your new digs, hope the mortgage doesn't kill you, in the nicest way possible.

Here at The Inappropriate Gift Co, we asked our team, and here are their top picks for what to bring when seeing someone's new home for the first time. 

1. Lori says alcohol, a bottle of champagne or a fine red wine, because they won't be able to afford good quality alcohol for a while now they are burden with an overpriced piece of Australia. Don't forget the glasses though, theirs might still be wrapped in bubble wrap in a box, in the garage.

2. Ben reckons a set of Inappropriate Gift Co mugs, a his and hers, or his and his or hers and hers etc. If you feel like splurging or it's for one of your children maybe go all out and include the coffee machine! They'll need it now they are faced with the daily grind of paying off a mortgage!

Couple Mugs

3. Monique likes the traditional housewarming hamper of bread, salt, olive oil and honey. For a bit of fun enjoy our inappropriate spin...
May your home never know hunger...

May life always have flavour and spice...

May you always enjoy the sweetness of life...

May your house always have warmth and light...

4. Michelle thinks a plant for the living room is always a lovely thought! 

5. If the new homeowner likes to bake, we think an inappropriate basket of kitchen goodies, tea towels, biscuit and cake molds and of course an apron. 

6. A candle is always a welcomed gift, bringing light and warmth to a new home. An inappropriate one even better!

7. A gift that will inspire rest and relaxation, try our bath bombs, essential oils or a fragrant room spray. 


Whatever you decide to take along when visiting a friend in a new place for the first time, remember to take your shoes off at the front door (or at the very least wipe your feet!), use a coaster, and don't out-stay your welcome! 



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