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First thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

2 min read

First thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

We all dream the impossible dream ... imagine winning $10 million on the lottery? What would you spend it on?  We asked our inappropriate FB family and here are the most popular answers.

  • As house that can accomodate my immediate family and elderly mum. Oh and a ‘sorry for your loss’ card for my boss
  • An apartment in Paris!
  • A couple of bottles of good Champagne. I would then pay off my debts and go home to drink the Champagne!
  • The 3 neighbouring properties so I could rescue more donkeys and horses 🐎
  • Pay off sister in law’s mortgage , buy the duplex my friend and another elderly man lives in to keep them secure. Mainly would sort out my friends financial problems and make life easier for them.
  • All of my nearest and dearest a fabulous meal and as they left, hand them each an envelope with a cheque!
  • Start my own NGO /Charity 
  • Pink BMW
  • First Class round the world ticket 
  • Set up a dog rescue and just play with puppies all day every day except when I'm golfing or getting botox or massages 😅🤣
  • Alcohol, Hookers and lots of cocaine
  • A few bottles of Bolly and uber eats, so I can sit in peace and trawl the property pages while I consider how to invest to make my $$ work for me.
  • Pay someone to do my washing, cleaning toilets and cook meals 
  • I'd buy a new hip
  • I'd FILL my car with petrol rather than 2/5 full, then straight to KFC for an actual bucket of chicken, quick drop in to see Dr Dan Murphy then home to consider my possible choices of rich people icecream 🍦 😌😁
  • I'm leaning towards something like this to put outside the front of my house. 
  • things i would buy if i won the lottery
  • I'd buy a Taylor Swift Ticket 

Our favourite comment was from Lea..

"A bulk order of penis pumps sent to my son in law at his office clearly labelled and signature on delivery because he has it coming that rascal! #prankwar continues"

if i won the lottery fun gift

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