Fun ways and tips and tricks to save money in 2023.

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Fun ways and tips and tricks to save money in 2023.

We are all feeling the pinch at the moment so what are some of the best ways to save money.

The first part of the blog are practical tips to save money from credible sources such as Money Magazineand Forbes

BUT  if you want to skip straight to the fun part - scroll down!    

1) Budgeting - track your income and expenses to understand where all the money goes  ( in my case it is to Dan Murphy) 

2) Cut unnecessary expenses.  Do you really need that second pair or shoes or sparkly dildo?

3) Set realistic savings goals  ( for example I want to save $2 million in 3 months to buy a summer beach house in Palm Cove)

4) Pay yourself first (save a portion of your income as soon as you get paid) 

5) Automate savings -set up automatic direct debit and transfers to your savings account. 

6) Use coupons and discounts whenever you can when shopping. 

7) Cook at home.. eating out at restaurants is fun but costly. Rice and one minute noodles is cheaper even if it does sap your will to live.

8)Avoid impulse buys and purchases ( see note above about the sparkly dildo)  and compare prices, one dildo may be a lot cheaaper than the other. 

10) Build an emergency fund - save at least 3-6 mths worth of living expenses.. (easier said than fucking done!) 

11) Reduce debt - pay off the high interest debts first. 

12) Invest wisely, limit subscriptions, buy second hand, DIY repairs, avoid bank fees, negotiate lower rates where possible for utilities blah de blah de blah.


OK SO NOW ON TO THE FUN PART...   We asked our inappropriate followers for some fun ideas on how to save money and here are our favourite ways.

1) SHARE PURCHASES WITH A FRIEND.  ( Maybe not your new sparkly dildo!) 

ways to save money

 2) Halloween money saving tip.

halloween moving saving tips 

3) Don't have kids... wear a condom or take your pill or swallow.

4) Limit the people you buy gifts for

 ways to save money

5) Pretend you are on holiday by taking awesome pics to make your friends jealous but actually stay home and save the money.

tips for saving money

plane travel money saving tips

6) No need to buy new shoes, just use spray paint. 

spray paint shoes fun ways to save money

7) Recycling is always a good idea,  this is a fun and cheap #PINATA for the kids... 

cost effective pinata - inappropriate gift


money saving tips botox

9)  Pasta Saver

Fed up boiling water for pasta? Boil some at the start of the month & freeze for later on.You’re welcome!
ways to save money stay inside
11) makes some money using only fans  ( or in my case only grans) 
only fans make some money
12)  Be lazy with the meal prep
ways to save money - prepare food at home
13.) Avoid getting prosecuted for using your phone while driving. Simply pop your mobile inside a large shell and the police will think you're listening to the sea!
14) Be creative with your gifts this year. 
gift of giving inappropriate fun gifts ways to save money and make someone smile.
15) Keep a pic of someone in your wallet who will hold you accountable.
money saving ideas
16) Pretend you have got brain fog or a migraine which has affected your short term memory and "accidentally" leave your wallet at home. 
17) Don't under any circumstances go to KMART for one thing.  
kmart saver shopping deals to be had locally
18)  Instead of buying Turkish Delight,
turkish delight money saving ideas
 Just take some jelly cubes, sprinkle them with talc, then spray them with your nan's perfume.
19) Don't attend events you don't need to. 
funny ways to save money
20) Poo at work and double wipe. 
funny toilet ways of saving money
A final note the only way to actually save money is not to fucking spend it.
Writers edit: Hubby "Budget Ben" just informed me that publishing this blog post is pointing you against buying an inappropriate gift at our store.. and as such is not really a smart commercial decision. 
I told him to "fuck off " as people will still buy from us if they need a gift because we made them laugh! 
(Please prove me right :) 
have fun shopping
not feeling talky mug
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