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28 Inappropriate Elf on the Shelf Memes

1 min read


elf on the shelf memes

It's nearly time for that elf fucker to make an appearance.   The way 2022 has gone, I wouldn't be surprised if the 2023 version of the elf, comes complete with random blood curdling screams and the ability to vomit and shit his pants at will while shouting profanities at the kids.    On second thoughts - maybe they should make an elf like this - I would buy one! 

(Mental note to self - create an inappropriate elf on the shelf next year!) .

Thanks again to our awesome facebook followers for these great images. You will notice there are  shitloads more than 28 memes because we've updated and added new ones for 2022 and we couldn't be arsed to update the blog title image! 

elf on the shelf meme

Grohl on a pole. 

you've heard of elf on the shelf here comes spears o n the beers


Thor on a Boar

Depp on a step. 

inappropriate elf on the shelf meme 


inappropriate elf on the shelf meme 

inappropriate elf on the shelf meme

inappropriate elf on the shelf meme

We've all been here after tequila! 

We all remember this scene from friends!

inappropriate elf on the shelf meme





for those of you who don't know he is Gary Glitter,. 

Have fun with the elf this year! 

 For more fun - check out our cheeky XMAS GIFTS ...


 passwords i have to remember book

Have fun shopping our range of cheeky gifts

2 Responses


December 24, 2022

OMG! I thought the elf on the shelf was hilarious 😂

Giulia hiroa. M
Giulia hiroa. M

May 23, 2022

These were funny!

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