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Gift for Women Over 50 - Thoughtful Ideas to make them laugh

2 min read

Gift for Women Over 50 - Thoughtful Ideas to make them laugh

Roses are red, violets are blue, you're getting fucking old, here's some gifts for you!
Fifty may be nifty but buying gifts for the big 5-0 can get tricky. Have no fear! The Inappropriate Gift Co has whipped up a few fabulously funny ideas to fete your friend's fifth decade in style.

Turning 50 Funny Meme

  1. Coming in at the top of the list is this fabulous mug which is as pretty as the slogan is true!
    Not my Era Mug
  2. Following on from the slow demise of your vision and sanity in your 40s, welcome to the decade we're coining the "Everything Fucking Aches" years! Don't worry though, we have the perfect gift for that! 

    The perfect gift to accompany the Everything Aches Wheat pack are these beautiful, handmade bath salts. Everything Fucking Aches
  3. Why not remind your friend how much fun latex can be with some Inappropriate Gift Co balloons? Perfect to be gifted as a bunch of helium balloons tied to a bottle of gin or fabulously funny party decor.
    Inappropriate Birthday Balloons
  4. We all need a favourite reusable shopping bag that doubles as a yoga bag, need to empty all this crap out of my car bag, why do I have so much shit to bring home from the office bag...and The Inappropriate Gift Co's Shopping list bag is a perfect choice! Funny and practical.
  5.  By this stage in your mate's life, they likely have most of the things they need, plus a whole bunch of useless shit they don't need. Don't add to the clutter, give them the gift of choice with an Inappropriate Gift Co. gift Voucher. Shopping at The Inappropriate Gift Co is half the fun, especially if you do it with a glass of wine! 
  6. For a friend who loves to be in the kitchen, The Inappropriate Gift co has a great selection of colourful kitchenware ❤️😂...

  7. If your bestie is already decked in a funny kitchen apron, perhaps some recipe cards will be a welcome addition to the kitchen cupboard.
  8. For a friend who has everything, this is the perfect 50th birthday gift bundle! 
    Wine-sized workout cards and the perfect-sized wine glass
    Wine Lovers Gift Bundle
  9. Help your friend navigate the next 50 years with these hilarious Fucking Honest Oracle Cards.
  10. The final gift on our list of Inappropriate Gift ideas for a female friend turning 50 is our stunning pink, glitter 50 & fabulous mug 😍

We hope this list has inspired you to think outside the chocolate box and surprise your bestie with a gift that will have her in hysterics! She's not getting any younger, so you better make this year count!  

Why not send your friend our "How Inappropriate Do You Like It" quiz, just to make sure you're on the right track with their 50th birthday gift? 

Inappropriate quiz

Have fun shopping our fun gifts for fun people!


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