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Inappropriate GIfts For A LEO

2 min read

Inappropriate GIfts For A LEO

Gifts for A Leo

The Leo, as with all cats, believe they rule the world and everyone else should clear the path when they’re coming though. Although known for their strong and savagely fierce attitude, they are, like their furry housebound counterpart, lazy as fuck! You’ll find them dodging duties left, right and centre.  

If you’re dating a Leo be prepared to cough up a few hair balls along the way, known to have beautiful hair, this often extends to other furry parts! There is also the stroking, be prepared…. they’ll need their ego stroked on the daily!  

As it’s the Leo’s birth month, here are a few suggestions to help keep the wild beast in your life happy this August.  

  • A mirror, your lovely lion friend is at their happiest when admiring their savage beauty 
  • A brush or comb, this comes in handy to tame those luscious locks
  • They can be a bit lazy so get them a massive cup of fuckoffeeso they won't have to move to keep refilling it! 
    • They want to be important and they are obsessed with self-improvement so buy them a notebook to journal everything about them, you could try one of our "Brilliant Ideas when Shitfaced"  notebooks, because they do like a strong alcoholic beverage. 
    • A Supercunt T-shirt, because Leo knows, it’s them, they’re the cunt, the legend, the most beautiful in the room, they’re whoever everyone is talking about, just ask them.  

    In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight, probably because they had a big night telling everyone how awesome they are as they smashed vodka Redbulls and flicked their hair around.  

    Leo’s have come to the conclusion that they are fucking perfect, and it is the rest of the world who has issues. If you are yourself a Leo, pat yourself on the back and get some rest, it has been a big day of self-realisations for you. If you have a Leo in your life, buy then an inappropriate gift to celebrate another year of the awesomeness and good times they bring to the world. They help keep the balance! After all what would the world look like without the great Leo’s of days gone by like Coco Chanel, Napolean, Obama, and Kylie Jenner.  

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