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Flaps out Friday!

3 min read

Flaps out Friday!

We asked for your thoughts on this outfit via our Facebook page and as usual our inappropriate friends did not disappoint!

To each and everyone of you who have commented on this post. Thank you for the best laugh Ive had in a long time!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣!!  

Yay🎉 It’s flaps out Friday.

inappropriate gift

Does it come with a matching bag so when you wear it you've got somewhere to put your flaps? (Kylie)

It just seems a bit … blah?? subtle?? ‘Mumsy’?? … to me? Like, I guess it’s fine for splashing at the local pool or going for a surf, but I’m after something more glam and WOW (Mars)

I'm getting a yeast infection looking at this picture (Pat)
Does that come in Labia size. I'd have to shave my cervix for that (Debra)
10/10 would not recommend. I have this exact outfit...I needed 33 stitches after I attempted a star jump.(Paul)
I’d be a bit nervous to sit on that white couch if I were her (Wendy)
I’m totally wearing this to next months book club (Donna)

Will need a degree in origami to fold your flaps in. (Shilo)

When I was a kid, we’d pick a thick blade of grass, and place it between the sides of our thumbs to blow into it like a whistle.
This pic makes me think of those times. 🤔 (Sherri)
Can't wait to see Celeste Barber in this one! Lol (Ally)

I'm sorry but if any normal woman who doesn't have a vagina the size of a 5 year old was to were this then let's be honest our fanny flaps will NOT be contained. Or I suppose we could tape our fanny flaps together? Either way highly uncomfortable. (Josie)

Don't think much of her fitted kitchen. (Rod)

I don't know what she fell off but it looks like a pair of undies broke her fall (Ricky)

That reminds me, I need to buy dental floss (Mel)

The sleeves are completely impractical. (Alana)


That costume cost her 500 and you can only see 300 worth. The rest has been swallowed up by her ‘foof’ ! (Kath)

I wonder if they make it to fit an incontinence pad, asking for a friend  (Mary)

She works hard so she can enjoy the fruits of her labia.  (Tam)

Really…. A black microwave, I mean you got to the trouble of finding a white fake plant and you can’t be bothered getting a matching white appliance! Tacky!!! (Sam)

No pockets. Very impractical. 2 stars. (Daniel)

Lettuce must still be expensive, coz that burger definitely has no lettuce (Beck)

A bodysuit that also can give you a Pap smear. Brilliant (CiCi)

Love the sleeves, it’s so tacky when girls show to much arm (Emma)

Are we supposed to shave our whole lips off now? I can't keep up with these unobtainable beauty standards 😩. I got thrush just looking at this picture (Brooke)

Does it come in a size 18????? (Moana)

Bit like trying to roll up a sleeping bag and putting it back into its bag (Amanda)

I like how she has modestly covered her wrists… (Cathy)

She did NOT tie those shoes herself!  (Carlie)

Reminds me of when I put on a G-String once ... I haven't found it yet ... it was ... lost in space (Clare)

Do you have it in black? (Paula)

They really need to clarify that this outfit is for women and is NOT welcome in church. My community have abandoned me and I'm getting funny looks when I do the big shop. (Tom)

Do my flaps look big in this? (Kelly)

Has the poor love popped it on backwards? (Theresa)

 This sort of thing really makes me want to vomit. Who buys a black microwave in a white kitchen and it’s too small for the space !? (Kelly)

 I just switched Netflix off coz these comments are far more entertaining!!!  (Peggy)

inappropriate gift

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