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Best gifts for a Virgo - The sarcastic perfectionist!

2 min read

Best gifts for a Virgo - The sarcastic perfectionist!

If you want something done right, just ask a Virgo to do it. The ultimate fault-finding resource, Virgo, will quickly point out all your flaws and shortcomings before you have even asked for their opinion! Try not to take offense, because, let’s be honest, your pain will be reciprocated with a blank, untroubled stare by your Virgo counterpart.  

If you do want your life colour coded, project managed and nitpicked apart, a Virgo partner might just be for you! To be fair, imagine the time you could save, simply mix the whites with the colours once and you’ll never be asked to do laundry again, over stack the dishwasher or burn the steak, the Virgo will sweep in to correct all these flaws and more! Because it will be easier for everyone if they just do it themselves 

For those who already have a wonderfully sarcastic Virgo in their lives, trying to find them a gift they will like is almost IMPOSSIBLE... We have done some of the hard worfor you though, here are our top picks below: 

  1. Virgo’s are all about control and this lovely Sarcastic Portion Control Plate will help put a Virgo buddy at ease whilst serving up a delicious lunch or dinner for a loved one or even themself. 

  2. We can only assume our Sarcastic Fridge Magnet has been written by a Virgo! We are quite sure this would bring the faintest expression of a smile to their face, which is the best possible outcome when gifting a Virgo.  

  3. We would highly recommend anything colour coded from chopping boards to indexed cooking cards and everything in between.

  4. A note book, diary or calendar, anything really that will give Virgo’s the opportunity to map out their days, weeks and months well in advance so they can get busy working on fixing everyone else around them. 

  5. Days of the week pens, presented in sequential order, as they should be.  Might we suggest our Inappropriate Pens - The Sweary Week Collection? 

  6. As Virgo's love planning, they'll need this A Lack of Planning Mug in their life. No doubt the polar opposite fuckwits who leave things to the last minute will piss our Virgo's off and this mug will help with that!
  7.  They cannot stand mistakes, so they may well purchase the Grammar mug as a gift for someone in their life that has not mastered the nuances of the english language.  (The fact that there is not a space between bullet point 6 and bullet point 7 will also annoy them). 

We do love our Virgo’s, they have nailed the art of sarcasm and although the over correcting can become tiresome, we know our Virgo friends are simply trying to make us as good as them. Most born from a New Year's Eve bender, we can emphasize with their need to plan everything and feel completely in control.  

Undoubtably one of our best customers, Virgos we do love you, and welcome any nitpicking you would like to offer that can help our business make a fuck load more money, because we know you have some banger mug slogans tucked up in your absurdly organized minds!  

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