Best Gifts for a Libra - because they won't be able to make a bloody decision!

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Best Gifts for a Libra - because they won't be able to make a bloody decision!

Inappropriate gifts for the Libra this birthday, because no doubt you asked them, and they couldn’t make up their mind! 

For Libras out there, we know it is a hard decision, should you or should you not read this blog post? Perhaps our Libra friends, if you put a little bit more time, effort and conviction into your decision-making process, you might make less shit ones, but we can guarantee reading on isn’t a bad one! 

With the lack of arsenal in the Libra decision-making tool kit, we are not too sure if they are our best customers, however no doubt they win most likely to have an abandoned shopping cart full of hot Inappropriate Gift Co items. If you are wondering why your favourite item is “Out of Stock” this could be the answer!  

Jokes aside, our lovely Libras do make fantastic friends, because they are always there when you need them, or when you don’t need them, or when you just want to be alone...they are just always there! The neediest of the star signs, Libras need to understand that some alone time might be just what they need to work on their decision-making skills!  

If you do have a Libra in your all the time, every single minute of the day, you might feel obliged to buy them a gift this birthday and of course, we have the best suggestions! 

  1. A Yes/No dice...obviously!  
  1. Who’s the Cunt board game -Who's the Cunt? Game chances are beating a Libra at this game will be easy, given their inability to make decisions.  
  1. Our Cheeky Wine Tumblers -Cheeky Wine Tumbler Set,the lines make it far easier for Libras to decide how much wine to pour into each glass. 
  1. If you want to make the Libra in your life gush with happiness, you can’t go past theBest Friend Inappropriate Blanket  
  1. For some extra guidance,The Fucking Honest Oracle Cards  are to the point and will guide the Libra in your life to sorting their shit out in the most direct way possible! 

We might all be feeling a little sorry for our Libran friends, fear of being alone, incapable of making decisions, but perhaps these geniuses have us all fooled, how great would life be if someone made all the decisions for you, like what’s for dinner, what should I wear today and perhaps this explains the need to always have someone around? They can make all the decisions, so when things fuck up, as they often do, there is also someone to blame everything on, well played Libras, well played!  


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