December 10, 2018 1 min read

I have just been sent this video and I couldn't help but stop, I watched it transfixed.

I'm old enough to remember it with vivid detail.   Listening to it has just transported me back to when I was a 13 year old.

Tears are now streaming down my face.. I'm not entirely sure why?   I think it is a combination of things..  

  • Looking at all these amazing singers and realising that some of them are no longer with us - David Bowie, George Michael, Freddie Mercury.  
  • Looking at how young all these singers are and  wishing I could feel like the young excited 13 year old girl again. 
  • I'm tired and hormonal
  • I've just noticed the bulge in George Michael's jeans
  • I wish someone would give Freddie the microphone
  • Sting is just as sexy as ever. 
  • Bono has a dodgy haircut 
  • Elton looks like the shy little boy in the group 

Ok tears have been wiped,  coffee has been drunk (from my inappropriate coffee mug)  and faith and hope have been restored .

Heres to them!  Let's raise a glass to everyone this Christmas ... Hope you have an inappropriate and happy one. 

Try not to stress,  have fun this christmas XX 

Love Lori 



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