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What dad really wants for Fathers day.

2 min read


What dad really wants for Fathers day.

This blog was written by Ben from the inappropriate dads facebook group.   I asked him what dads really want on Fathers day and this was his reply...


Fathers Day can often be more disappointing or disconcerting than a 3am strip show in Bangkok. We always go into it with high expectations but when it comes time to view the goodies....we often find a penis where we hoped for a vagina".
Being serious though, dads are simple creatures, we don’t wish for fresh underpants and socks with pictures on them, we just want to be woken up with a blow job and to have a day where we strut around the house drinking beer and not having to clean anything.
If a gift is on your mind then get us something we can a fleshlight or a chainsaw....or an eagle or a chainsaw wielding eagle with a fleshlight attachment.
We love tools and golf stuff and bbq related things and anything with boobs on it.
Fathers Day is about us feeling like King Dad for a day so for the love of God....give us a blowjob and open our beer.   
Ben Drougas - Inappropriate Dads Facebook Group. 
If you are a dad and like  very inappropriate humour - you may want to join this closed FB group (no females or joint accounts allowed).
Don't worry though the inappropriate mums have their own closed facebook group... (no men allowed), if you don't get offended easily, you can apply to join here. 
If you do want some ideas for Fathers day because you can't be bothered to buy some beer and give a blowjob.... here are our top picks, and yes we do sell all of them! 
His very own stubby holder: 
i'm a dad i drink and know things
 A new notebook 
diy jobs
my little book of all the idiots i want to stab
A new mug 
dad husband legend
A new pint glass... 
pint glass
If he is a red wine drinker, buy him a new red wine glass...  it holds a full bottle of red in one glass, no need to get up from his chair! 
red wine glass holds a bottle
A new tie for the office? 
happy hour tie
His very own soap for the shower...
arse soap
face soap
A new pen for the office? 
meeting is shit
meeting should have been an email pen
What about an Apron for the BBQ cooking?
cook it yourself cunt
flaming fucking legend apron
The only socks he needs.. 
inappropriate beer socks
A game to play with his mates ... 
Get on the piss with cooked Aussies... 
cooked aussies
cooked aussies
A joke book unlike no other...  soo offensive Amazon won't sell it!  
stick it up ..
A big cup of fuckoffee
a big cup of fuckoffee

2 Responses


August 20, 2020

Definitely not a torch. Google it

Kim Burns
Kim Burns

August 19, 2020

Wtf is a fleshlight^^^^^^…. last I heard it was a flashlight if we are talking about a torch
Sorry I am the fucking spelling nazi 🤦‍♀️

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