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WTF Wednesday #38

2 min read

WTF Wednesday #38

Let's play a game of fuck off

This week's mug - who wants to play a game? 

So far we have created unique mugs for Deb, Emma, Mel and Naomi - let us know what other names you want to see!  ( top secret... the next one is Lisa!)

Joke Du Jour

What happens if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole? you get a hot cross bunny.

What did the Easter egg say to the boiling water? It might take me a while to get hard cause I just got laid by some chick.

I'm combining Easter and April Fool's day this year...I'm sending the kids out to look for eggs I haven't hidden.

I met Arnold Schwarzenegger and he was eating a Cadburys egg He said, "Have to love Easter, baby."

I'm trying to give up innuendos for Lent, but it's so long and it's going to be so hard.

What do you call ten rabbits marching backwards? A receding hareline.

A husband says to his wife - I am going to do a "Jesus" this Easter - go out on Friday and not come back till Monday.   The wife replies ok, I'll do a "Mary" get pregnant untouched by you.

Hot Cross Bunny

What's New Pussycats

Mark Zuckerberg

I have been given a Facebook ban for my inappropriate content, its not the first and probably won't be the last ( Marky Boy doesn't like our sense of humour), I always tread a fine line this time I crossed that line with my kettle post see below. 

Anyway you guys are the lucky ones because you have signed up to our newsletters so I can spread my inappropriate joy to you without worrying about Zuckerberg.   If you could encourage any of your inappropriate friends to visit our website and sign up for our newsletters that would be awesome ( they do not need to buy anything),

I do not like being told what I can and can't find funny by Facebook or anyone else.. so if I can get more visitors direct to our website rather than via FB or Insta that really helps with our SEO ranking and it also means if we do get banned from FB again I can still reach my inappropriate possee. 

 Having said that facebook and Instagram are great platforms and have helped me build the inappropriate tribe (we have over 275k followers on FB and 35k on insta) so I will try and play by their rules in future. 

But our newsletters and website is where we can share the real inappropriate love.  (Although we have to be careful and avoid full swear words in our newsletters as that affects them making it through your firewalls) the world is just too pc nowadays lol. 

Below banned for nudity? his knob is hardly noticeable? The post I wrote said:  

"FFS if you are going to sell a shitty kettle on EBAY at least put some clothes on for the photo.

Kettle Dick

What will make you smile

I think this has to be one of favourite songs of all time!  Make sure you have it on full volume in the office!  (or maybe not if Karen from HR is milling around) 

I've had a C#nt of a day - Kevin Bloo#dy Wilson 

Kevin Bloody Wilson

Toilet Art


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