How do I know if My Workplace has a Sense of Humour?

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How do I know if My Workplace has a Sense of Humour?

Before you get too wild shopping for your office Christmas Secret Santa gift, we recommend you read our fun ways to gauge if your workplace has a sense of humour:

  1. Observation: Pay attention to the behaviour of your colleagues and supervisors. Are they often seen laughing or joking around? Do they use humour in meetings or casual conversations? Have they allocated pet names to colleagues like "Frankie Fuck Face" or "Nobody Asked You Susan"?
    Any special Workplace Skills?
  2. Team Building Activities: Does your workplace organize team-building activities that involve food and alcohol? Are there light-hearted games and some fun exercises? This can be an indication that they have a sense of humour and like to have fun.
    The Inappropriate Gift Co Team Building
  3. Office Events and Celebrations: Take note of how your workplace celebrates achievements or milestones. Do they organize parties or events that incorporate humour, like funny awards or inappropriate cakes? Or do they celebrate national days like "Go Fuck Yourself Day" or "National Chocolate Day"?
    Observe Workplace Celebrations
  4. Communication Style: Listen to how people communicate with each other. although we don't recommend putting anything inappropriate in writing like an email, some sarcasm can be a fun addition to the monthly strategy meeting. 
    Review Workplace Mission statements
  5. Openness to Feedback: Is there a culture of open communication, where employees can provide feedback, including humourous suggestions or ideas, without fear of retribution?
  6. Management’s Behaviour: Observe how managers or leaders interact with their teams. Are they approachable and do they use humour in appropriate contexts? This can set the tone for the rest of the workplace.
    Observe how supervisors behave
  7. Company Culture Statements: Review any company values or mission statements. Some organizations explicitly state that they value a positive and fun work environment.
  8. Social Events: If your workplace organizes social events or outings, take note of whether these events include elements of humour and what kind of entertainment is planned. An open bar?
    What are the Companies Social events Like?
  9. Diversity of Humour: Pay attention to the types of humour that are present. A workplace with a good sense of humour will often have a diverse range of comedic styles, catering to various preferences and sensitivities.
  10. Feedback from Colleagues: If you're comfortable, you can ask colleagues about their experiences with workplace humour. They may provide insights based on their own interactions and observations, or perhaps your boss might give you some feedback on a job well done!
    Feedback from Colleagues is important.

Remember, every workplace is different, and what constitutes a sense of humour can vary widely, trust us, we've tested the boundaries many times and in many different circumstances! Remember, this article is mostly for entertainment, so as you navigate what is acceptable for your Secret Santa gift this year if you end up fired...not our fault. Happy Gifting!

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