The Best Gifts to Buy for a Taurus

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The Best Gifts to Buy for a Taurus

Down-to-earth and reliable, our Taurus friends can also find themselves waving the boring as fuck flag! With a preference to stay home and UberEats their most used App, Taurus’s desire to be successful, is a hard goal to kick! 

Allegedly great in bed, Taurus’s are known to be lovers not a fighters, but if you do cross them (or not buy them an awesome gift this birthday), remember they have horns and they’re not afraid to use them! 

If you have a Taurus in your life who you want to make happy this birthday, treat them like a toddler, give them an iPad and throw snacks at them all day! Failing this, here are our best gift ideas to stop your Taurus friend seeing red... 

  1. Penis Pasta, this one follows the food theme, anything they can eat is a win...and penis shaped pasta will add the laughs!
  2. Prosecco Willys, more dick food, perhaps a food hamper with a selection of funny and inappropriate foods!
  3. Home made cookies...using our Inappropriate Cooking Cutters of course 
  4. She believed she could but she was too fucking tired mug, because your Taurus will need some milk to go with those homemade cookies, and we know Taurus’s often feel far too exhausted to conquer the world (even though they want to!). 
  5. The Best Friend Fleece Blanket is perfect for snuggling up on the couch, which is one of Taurus’ fav things to do! 
  6. Food and Drink Trivia – Taurus will nail this game, food and wine are more than a passion, it is LIFE to our Taurus friends. 
  7. Looking for a last-minute gift? You can’t go past our selection of Digital Products, from an Inappropriate Wordsearch and Crossword or a wine label, these gifts are right up the alley for our reclusive Taurus friends! 
  8. What better way to while away the hours than a bath! For our Taurus friends at home all day, these Beer Bath Bombs could just be the perfect gift. Throw in some actual beer and snacks and this gift idea is a home run!   

So, take the bull by the horns this Taurus season, and join them for some introverted fun and great food all in the comfort of the great indoors, because what nutcase would want to be out in this cold weather anyways! Happy birthday our Taurus friends! Rage on! 

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