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When is it OK to drop the C-Bomb?

3 min read

When is it OK to drop the C-Bomb?
My question is when is it ok to drop the C Bomb?
(Warning: If you are not a fan of the c word - I mention it a lot)
There is a back story here about #MAFS - Married at First Sight. Bronson used the C-word on Channel 9 about someone called Innes, (MAFS fans will know all about this). This is actually the first year I have watched it.  It is a train wreck of cringeworthyness, my brain cells die every time I'm watching but I AM OBSESSED.
When Bronson dropped the C -bomb it was bleeped out soo badly that you knew exactly what it was and everyone appeared very shocked. The expert Mel quite rightly called out his behaviour.  That said so many people were angry with Mel and have started a petition to get her sacked -  WTF??? As a Former HR Manager, I agree with Mel, using the cunt word is any workplace is still unacceptable, (unless of course you work for the Inappropriate Gift Co or you are using it as a form of endearment with colleagues you trust).  
The C word is very derisive - we know from customer feedback that a lot of you don't like it (we also know a lot of you love the word).  Here is some feedback we've had from our customers:
"As an American now living in Sydney, where using the word cunt is not nearly as scandalous as in the States, I couldn’t be happier. Fuck just doesn’t do it for me anymore when I want to get someone’s attention."

"I have a person at work who is the definition of the word cunt when used in the negative form.  I will wear my cunt necklace under whatever I’m wearing on my top along with my surrounded by cunts bracelet, which I tend to twirl and play with during meetings (as the inscription is small enough that she can’t read it), with a huge smile on my face."

"I have an ex-husband whose name is Dave. As many times as I’ve had my morning coffee in your Dave's a cunt cup, I still smile and nod to myself whilst reading the inscription."    

"I really hate the word, it is degrading to women. It is vulgar and there are so many other words that could be used instead."
For me it's all about the context - like it is with any word.  I think the F word is used so regularly now that we need a stronger word to use.  My mother happens to think it is the worst word in the world (which is probably why I like dropping it in conversations around her when I can).
Examples of when the word CUNT is acceptable to use:
1) Christian Hull is a funny cunt
2) My husband can act like a cunt sometimes. 
3) S'carn on cunt?
4) Cancer is a cunt
5) Cunty bollocks I forgot to put the bins out.
6) I have the patience of a saint - Saint Cunty McFuckoff
7) C. U. Next Tuesday 
8) Don't eat all the nachos you cunt 
9) Happy birthday cunt
10) I'm not a gynaecologist but I know a cunt when I see one. 
Our University of Northern Territory is one of our bestselling products, so has the time come now where the C word is acceptable?  Let us know what you think - comment below. 
The good news for us is we can't see K-MART, Target or Big W stocking CUNT products anytime soon!  
Lori X  
PS - We are also working with lovely Bronson on a range of merchandise - which may or may not include the C word ...LOL 

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